Summer School



Summer School


The Grammar Academy team have developed a fun, unique and academic literacy program aimed specifically for non-resident English speaking and writing learners. Our materials are uniquely differentiated alongside our experienced staff. Set in the wonderful and extremely academic environment of Ackworth School, founded in 1779.


Our summer school offers students a safe and secure environment in which they will be exposed to culturally rich and socially engaging activities; these are all related to the academic tasks to complement each other. It is important to us that our students enjoy their summer experience in a safe and secure environment with access to the best teaching staff.


Our team of tutors are friendly, qualified and experienced with teaching outside of the classroom environment. Our tutors embed learning aims and keywords into the excursions to enable students to develop their ability to memorise experiences and apply the keywords within their literature tasks.


The Grammar Academy will provide all of our students with an individualised learning plan and an experience to remember! The summer program which we have developed is fun, unique and academic. The outcomes are measured with pre and post assessment tasks to evidence how much progress has been made by each individual within the program.


25th July – 8th August 2019

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